Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hong Kong - NOM

Beef Meatballs

Pull-Pork Meatballs

Truffle Pizza


Restaurant Name : NOM (Not Only Meatballs)
Location : 1-5 Elgin Street, Soho, Hong Kong

Rating : 3 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around HK $500 / person (with a few alcoholic drinks)

Summary : Even though the restaurant is supposed to be famous for their meatballs, we all agreed that the highlight of the meal were the non-meatball items...  When the waitress delivered our thin-crust pizza, we could immediately smell the aromatic truffle, and the taste was equally enticing.  Similarly, the sliders tasted as delicious as they looked - the patty was still juicy and with sufficient flavour.  While the overall dining experience did not have a "wow" factor, this place is still above average.

Since Juliette had been traveling and also entertaining her mom, who was visiting from New Zealand, I hadn't met up with her for quite a while, so we decided to catch up and try a new restaurant.  Given that NOM is located literally across the street from my apartment, we decided to give this place a try.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were given the choice of sitting at the "lounge" section, with low chairs and table...  we thought it might not be so comfortable to eat dinner at, so we decided to move to the "bar" section with high chairs and table.  What we didn't anticipate was a LARGE group of friends gathering around the bar section who were throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend, so the volume at the bar section became so loud that we couldn't even hear each other even though Juliette and I were practically talking into each others' ears!  Luckily, this large group eventually moved to the "dining" section and brought their noise and celebration with them ^_*

Once we were left in peace and quiet to enjoy our dinner, the food started showing up.  First were the meatball dishes, and even though NOM was supposed to be known for their meatballs, I was not so impressed with the 2 meatball dishes...  while the beef meatball was tender, there were not so much flavour...  and the pull-pork meatball was basically bland... 

The pizza and the sliders, on the other hand, were quite good.  The truffle on the pizza was aromatic and tasty, and the beef patty in the slider was juicy.

Even though I usually don't eat carb/starch for dinner, I was very happy devouring the pizza and slider at NOM.

I would probably go back to NOM again for drinks (the aperol spritz was yum!) and an order of the sliders ^_^  

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