Thursday, October 23, 2014

Basel, Switzerland - Walliser Kanne

large basket of bread to go with the main course

the BEST fondue in Basel!

Restaurant Name : Walliser Kanne
Location : Gerbergasse 50, Basel, 4001, Switzerland

Rating : 5 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around CHF 90 / person (2 course dinner with alcohol)

Summary : If you're in Switzerland in the winter time, then the one dish you must try is the fondue, because this is one of the signature national dishes of Switzerland, and it is sooo yummy!  And in Basel, the best place to have this national dish is at the Walliser Kanne located in old town Basel.  Once you bite into the piece of bread that has been drenched with the boiling cheese cooked with a good serving of Kirsh, it is like tasting heaven on earth!  For someone who is on a strict low-carb diet, meaning no bread/noodle/rice, anything with starch, in the evening, I broke my own rule big time tonight because I had to have this amazing fondue!  And it was totally worth it!!!

Even after feeling completely stuffed, I was still tempted to dip one last piece of bread into the fondue pot just to have one more taste of the yummy cheese. ^_*

Overall, if you're in Switzerland in the winter, definitely have the fondue!  No questions asked!

trying to scoop up the last bit of cheese

street view of Walliser Kanne

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Basel, Switzerland - Johann

L'amuse bouche

chestnut soup with Kirsh, flambeed apples
and cinnamon croutons

filet of codfish with a crust of herbs, white wine sauce,
betroot puree and pumpkin

Restaurant Name : Johann
Location : St-Johanns Ring 34, Basel, 4056, Switzerland

Rating : 4 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around CHF 70 / person (2 course dinner with glass of wine)

Summary : Another triumphant dining experience in Basel!  Restaurant Johann serves Swiss cuisine with a modern twist, in a relaxing and sort of modern chalet dining room with large wooden tables.  

The amuse bouche was literally a surprise for me, since I did not expect a Swiss restaurant to serve L'amuse bouche, but apparently "modern" Swiss restaurants have this practice...  It was actually a substantial serving of creamy risotto, cooked al dente, served with slightly tangy pomegranate seeds to contrast the creamy risotto.  It was a good balance.  For starter, I had the chestnut soup.  Apparently chestnut is in season during the Autumn.  I was VERY glad to have chosen the soup for my starter, because the taste was superb!  While it was a creamy soup, it was not heavy, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I scooped a slice of the flambeed apple at the bottom of the soup.  The slightly sour taste from the apple coupled with the creamy chestnut soup was such a delight to the taste buds!  Then for the main dish, I had the cod fish, which was actually a big serving!  I was already feeling quite full after the risotto and soup... but the cod fish looked so yummy so I had to eat it ^_*  And I'm glad I did!  While the fish itself was well seasoned and cooked well, the wow factor for me was the beetroot puree.  Again, the slightly citrusy beetroot puree contrasted well with the creamy sauce on the cod fish.  Even thought I was so full, I still persisted to finish the dish because it was so yummy...

Overall, I would also highly recommend this restaurant.  The one drawback, again, is that its location is about 15 minutes away from old town Basel, on the tram...  However, this is a good reason to take a nice stroll back to old town after a very generously portioned dinner ^_*   

View of the bar area

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Basel, Switzerland - Oliv

vitello tonnato served with fennel salad and cucumber

manzo brasato with market vegetable and mashed potatoes

praline chocolate mousse with poached pear and almond ice cream

Restaurant Name : Oliv
Location : Bachlettenstrasse 1, 4054, Basel, Switzerland

Rating : 4 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around CHF 100 / person (3 course dinner with alcohol)

Summary : This is a Mediterranean restaurant that serves high quality food at a reasonable price, so it is good value for money, especially in a city like Basel. The service is also attentive and the wait staff have a very good command of English, therefore this place is definitely tourist friendly. 

The menu changes frequently, and for this particular night I ordered the vitello tonnato for the starter, which are very thinly sliced veal served with a creamy sauce that was just the right amount of cream and citrus taste, and a side fennel salad that has a light dressing.  It balances out the creamy sauce very well.  Then for the main dish, I ordered the manzo brasato, which was absolutely delicious!  The beef was so tender that it almost melted in the mouth and the sauce was not overwhelming (even though it looks dark and salty). The praline chocolate mousse dessert was also delicious.  The crunchy bits of the praline countered the smooth texture of the chocolate mousse.

Overall, this was a very delicious meal and I would highly recommend this restaurant for anyone visiting Basel, Switzerland.  The only drawback is that the location of the restaurant is not close to old town Basel, so you can't take a nice stroll around town after dinner.  However, the restaurant is located within 5-8 minute walk from the main train station, so it's still very easily accessible.

exterior view of Restaurant Oliv

From the street, this restaurant does look much, once you enter, it's a small hallway that leads to a large dining area to the right, and a more private dining section to the left.  Since this was a work dinner, we were seated in the private dining section.

The decoration is plain, simple and clean, except for the many movie star pictures up on the wall in the private dining section.  When we asked about the pictures, we found out that these stars haven't visited the restaurant... so it was quite odd...