Thursday, October 23, 2014

Basel, Switzerland - Walliser Kanne

large basket of bread to go with the main course

the BEST fondue in Basel!

Restaurant Name : Walliser Kanne
Location : Gerbergasse 50, Basel, 4001, Switzerland

Rating : 5 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around CHF 90 / person (2 course dinner with alcohol)

Summary : If you're in Switzerland in the winter time, then the one dish you must try is the fondue, because this is one of the signature national dishes of Switzerland, and it is sooo yummy!  And in Basel, the best place to have this national dish is at the Walliser Kanne located in old town Basel.  Once you bite into the piece of bread that has been drenched with the boiling cheese cooked with a good serving of Kirsh, it is like tasting heaven on earth!  For someone who is on a strict low-carb diet, meaning no bread/noodle/rice, anything with starch, in the evening, I broke my own rule big time tonight because I had to have this amazing fondue!  And it was totally worth it!!!

Even after feeling completely stuffed, I was still tempted to dip one last piece of bread into the fondue pot just to have one more taste of the yummy cheese. ^_*

Overall, if you're in Switzerland in the winter, definitely have the fondue!  No questions asked!

trying to scoop up the last bit of cheese

street view of Walliser Kanne

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