Monday, October 20, 2014

Basel, Switzerland - Filini

steak tartar with slow cooked date tomatoes

sea bass with crust of 24-month old Parmesan,
served with spring peas and young carrots

Restaurant Name : Filini
Location : Steinentorstrasse 25, 4001 Basel, Switzerland

Rating : 4 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around CHF 70 / person (2 course dinner with glass of wine)

Summary : For a restaurant located in a hotel, Filini actually serves high quality and delicious food that can rival many independent restaurants in Basel.  The steak tartar was perfectly seasoned and the meat was tender with no annoying chewy bits in any bite.  There was no need to add any seasoning to the steak tartar, not even mustard!  Even the tomatoes were greatly seasoned and really juicy.  As for the sea bass, it was also perfectly prepared, not overcooked and the layer of crispy parmesan cheese added an extra complexity of flavour to the dish.  An extra surprise came in the young carrots.  On the surface, the carrot looks like any other, however, when I bit into the carrot, there was a burst of honey flavour that contrasted harmoniously with the salty parmesan.  

Overall, this was a perfectly delicious meal in a casual and relaxing setting.  The draw backs of the meal were that the service was slightly inconsistent and slow at times, also the location of the hotel (Radisson Blu) is slightly away from old town Basel, where the view is much more pleasant than the street view outside of Filini.  Regardless, the food quality is outstanding at Filini and definitely worth a visit.

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