About Marylicious

Blogging...  This is a project I've thought about starting for a very long time... in fact, a dear friend of mine, Christine, first suggested that I should start a blog back in 2004 or 2005... but there was always a reason to put it off - I have no time because I'm traveling way too much for work; I haven't mastered the skills at taking decent pictures of food; I'm not a good writer, etc... But I guess the biggest reason was just pure laziness!!!

(as a side note, while I didn't start blogging right away, at Christine's insistence, I registered the domain name MaryYeh.com so that no one else would ever get their hands on MY domain name! ^_*  So, good job Christine!)

Anyway, in early 2014, almost 10 years later, while I was enjoying some downtime in Hong Kong, and sometimes wondering why I was having so much free time, I finally decided it was time to stop with the excuses, and start blogging!

So, with Marylicious.Me I hope to give myself an outlet to do something creative; improve my skills at taking pictures and my ability at expressing myself with words; but most of all, I hope to capture and share with my friends all the yummy adventures that make life such a delicious journey!

... because, life is Marylicious!  


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