Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hong Kong - GoGyo

Shiro ramen (original tonkotsu soup)

Aka ramen

Tanrei shio ramen (chicken broth)

Restaurant Name : Gogyo
Location : Shop 3020, Podium Level 3, IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong

Rating : 3 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around HK $110 / person (without alcohol)

Summary : The tonkotsu soup was intense in flavour, yet not oily or thick in texture.  For someone like me who prefers a strong, intense ramen soup base, this was a great combination, where I can enjoy the yummy flavour, without feeling the "fat"!  The noodles were cooked slightly too soft, but it was still not too soggy, and the char-siu was also flavourful without the "fat" ^_^  Overall, this ramen place might just become one of my favorites in Hong Kong!

On Saturday, Ninzy, SoleioSa and I, decided to watch a documentary of Taiwan called "Beyond Beauty : Taiwan from Above"... while I had received some not-so-positive feedback regarding this documentary, I actually quite liked the movie and would recommend people who are from Taiwan, or have some sort of connection to Taiwan, to watch the documentary.  I definitely gained a higher level of appreciation and love for the beautiful island.

Before the movie, Kalena also joined us for a quick lunch, and since Kalena and I arrived at IFC a bit earlier than the others, we roamed around looking for a lunch place.  When we came across Gogyo, I was actually a bit hesitant at first, because there had been another ramen place at the exact same location, and it was not so good...

Luckily, the ramen at Gogyo turned out much better than I expected!

At first, the bowl of ramen looked small, and very plain, so I was still quite skeptical about the taste...  Once I drank the tonkotsu broth of the Shiro ramen I ordered, I was VERY pleasantly surprised!  The broth was flavourful, with intense pork bone taste, yet the broth was not heavy with lots of oil, so the broth was a delight to drink.  Then, the char-siu was a thin slice of meat, but it also had a nice and clean taste to it.  The one slight downside for me was the noodle - it was slightly overcooked for me...

Overall, I am glad that Kalena and I decided to give Gogyo a try, because now I've found another ramen shop that I would frequent (when I am "allowed" to load up on carbs, that is ^_*)

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