Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hong Kong - Fu Lu Shou

The "big arse" dim sim

Deep fried tofu

Rusty Nails

Battered fish with corn and egg sauce

Vegetable with garlic

Fried Rice

Restaurant Name : Fu Lu Shou
Location : 7/F, 31 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Rating : 2 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : HK $250 / person (without alcoholic drinks)

Summary : While the atmosphere is funky and cool, I am not entirely sold on the food...  The flavor is definitely there, though just like most Chinese restaurants, the dishes are slightly too oily...  given the prices of the dishes, the overall rating is at 2 Marylicious Stars, since one could most likely get the same dishes at a cha-chaan-teng for about half the price...  So, based on this dining experience, I would only go back to Fu Lu Shou for their cocktails...

Since it had been quite some time since the last time I caught up with David and Kent for dinner, I organized to meet up with them and thought of trying out this newish place that Kamen and Neil introduced to me.  Coincidentally, Ah-Hong happened to be in HK this week, so she was able to join us for dinner as well.

When I arrived at the building, the guard at the entrance told me that the elevator was broken, which meant that I had to climb up 7 flights of stairs to get up to the restaurant!!!  Are you joking!?!?!  7 flights of stairs, in high heels, and in this crazy humid weather?!?!

If we didn't have a reservation already, I would NOT have bothered with the stairs at all...

As you could imagine, by the time I finally hauled myself up the 7 flights of stairs, I was exhausted, sweaty and not in the mood for small talks...  But, at least the air con in the restaurant was working properly...

After recovering from the "hike", we looked at the menu, and honestly speaking, nothing really popped out at me, as the selections really were more or less the usual suspects one would find at a typical "westernized" Chinese restaurant...  And given that all four of us are from Chinese background, where we grew up on Chinese food, the selection seemed quite limited...  In any case, we ordered the ones that were the least typical....

To our surprise, the food was actually quite tasty, even though a bit oily...  The chef was cooking right in front of us, in the open kitchen, so at least the food was made fresh.  

The "big arse dim sim" was huge indeed.  The pastry was thin enough and the filling had enough flavour.  The deep fried tofu was one of my favorite dishes from the night.  The batter was crispy and the tofu was still silky and soft.  
The "rusty nails" were basically beef strips with vegetables... it was slightly on the spicy side but also tasty.  The battered fish with egg and corn sauce is basically a very typical Hong Kong cha-chaan-teng dish, which I usually love.  In this case, the dish was not the best I've had...  As for the vegetable and fried rice, there were nothing "wow" about these dishes...

So, while I am happy to have tried the food at Fu Lu Shou, I will most likely just come back here for their drinks ^_^

Ah-Hong, Me, Kent and David

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