Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hong Kong - 7080 Korean BBQ


LA style Kalbi


Kimchi pancake

daikon with wasabi appetizer

Tofu appetizer

Restaurant Name : 7080 Korean BBQ
Location : 2/F Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Rating : 4 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around HK $250 / person (without alcoholic drinks)

Summary : The meat at 7080 were perfectly marinated, not too salty, yet still very flavourful, and all the meat were tender, almost melt in the mouth tender.  Even the free appetizers (daikon and tofu) were very tasty.  The one slightly less perfect dish was the kimchi pancake, where there was slightly too much batter.  Overall, I would definitely come back to this Korean BBQ place!

Gloria and I had wanted meet up with some other friends for dinner, and finally decided on going to Korean BBQ.  I was kinda worried that the BBQ would leave a strong smell on my clothes and hair, however, to my surprise, I did not stink like BBQ meat after the meal!  I think it was due to the space-looking air-suction ducts ^_*  

Our table, full of dishes...

When you look across the entire dining area, with all the suction ducts, the entire space looks kinda weird...  but, at least the suction ducts really work!

Overview of the dining area

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