Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hong Kong - Glasshouse

Potato croquettes with sea weed and 
scallop with sweet & sour mango sauce

Lime tempura smelt fish with spicy kimchi mayonnaise

Black cod baked in banana leave with green curry and pilaf rice

Organic whole wheat spaghetti with clam

Restaurant Name : The Glasshouse
Location : Shop 4009, Level 4, IFC Mall

Rating : 3 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around HK $300 (with alcoholic drink)

Summary : The outstanding factors of The Glasshouse was the ambience and the view of HK's Victoria Harbor.  The food was above average but did not have any "wow" factor.  

While browsing through articles related to Art Basel, I came across an article featuring a "Special Event" where the entire ICC building would become an art installation...  It sounded interesting enough, so I asked Annalala if she was interested in checking it out with me.

Since it had been raining quite heavily in HK during the week, Annalala and I decided that it was better to find a restaurant at the IFC that had indoor seating facing the harbor.  So, given these criteria, Annalala recommended The Glasshouse as an ideal location.  

The setting at The Glasshouse is quite inviting, with a BIG open space that is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows (hence the name...), and Annalala and I basically had the only 2 seats facing the Victoria Harbor ^_^  So, the view for watching the ICC art installation was perfect, although given the music inside The Glasshouse, we were not able to truly participate in the audio portion of the art installation... oh well...

Here is a picture of the ICC turning into a "light house" pulsating its beam throughout the entire HK...


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