Saturday, May 10, 2014

Taipei - Amazing night market noodles!!!

Side-walk entrance to the noodle shop

The AMAZINGLY delicious noodle!

Along with the SUPER delicious tofu!

Restaurant Name : 台南意麵
Location : 台北市大安區通化街夜市 (Taipei Tong-Hwa Street Night Market)

Rating : 4 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : around US$ 2 / person 

Summary :  This combo is a MUST-TRY!!!  The noodle is cooked to perfection and topped with just enough meat sauce and vegetable.  The tofu is also cooked to perfection, with a slightly fried layer of skin, while the inside is soft and silky.  Super Yum!  

Every time I am in Taipei, and have the chance to visit the vicinity of the Tong-Hwa Street Night Market, I will ALWAYS make a point to go to this shop and order the noodle and tofu combination!  

This is the ultimate comfort food!  

Even though I am now on a low-carb diet, where I basically avoid eating carb/starch in the evening (unless its carbs that's worth it!), I would break my own rule for a bowl of the amazingly delicious noodle!  Because this is DEFINITELY carbs that's totally worth it!!!  

The quality and taste of the noodle and tofu are so consistent that the taste has stayed the same since 2000, when I started frequenting this shop!

I love this place so much that I would recommend all my overseas friends who are visiting Taipei to go there and try it for themselves ^_^

Super YUM!!!

One suggestion, if you don't like too much MSG (like me), you can ask them to not put MSG in the noodle...  Although, without the MSG, the taste is slightly less tasty ^_*

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