Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hong Kong - Sepa

Salted codfish on crispy polenta 

Ravioli filled with veal cheeks and parmigiano cheese,
with butter and thyme 

Beef with green pepper sauce with 'summer' eggplant

Mortadella ricotta cheese with black truffle 'Bomba'

Restaurant Name : Sepa
Location : 61 Caine Road, Soho, Central, Hong Kong

Rating : 1 Marylicious Star
Price Range : Around HK $400 / person (with non-alcoholic drink)

Summary : Since I've heard about this restaurant for a couple of months, and have had some difficulty getting a reservation, I was looking forward to finally getting a chance to try the food here while cousin Lily was visiting.  However, to my utmost disappointment, all the dishes we ordered were basically not worth eating...

The salted codfish on crispy polenta was bland and the polenta was very dry... The ravioli was also lacking taste and was actually a bit lukewarm... The beef, while tender, did not have any "wow" factor that was memorable...  Sarmidulu had ordered a "special" duck ragu pasta that we actually ended up sending back, because the duck was soooo dry, the temperature was very lukewarm and the taste was basically nonexistent...

So, if this is the level of standard at this new restaurant, unfortunately it will not last long in the competitive neighbourhood of Soho/Central...  

Interior of main dining area

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