Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Taipei - 麵屋武蔵 (Ramen)

View from the alley entrance

View of front entrance

Tonkotsu and fish broth ramen

Restaurant Name : 麵屋武蔵
Location : 台北市中山北路一段121巷18號

Rating : 4 Marylicious Stars
Price Range : Around US $10 / ramen (without drinks)

Summary : For a self-proclaimed ramen snob, who judges the ramen based on the flavour of the broth, I have to say that the tonkotsu and fish broth at this ramen shop ranks quite high on my favorite ramen broth list!  The strong and fatty tonkotsu flavour is counter balanced with the fish stock that slightly dilutes the fattiness but still adds a new dimension of flavour.  The char siu is a very generous portion and was bursty with flavour!  And the egg was also very yummy!  Overall, this is a great tasting bowl of ramen, and I would definitely revisit this place again!   

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